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What is addiction?

Addiction is an increasingly common primary, chronic psychiatric condition that affects the brain's reward system and executive functions. It can manifest in a dependence on substances or behaviours accompanied by difficulty remaining sober for extended periods of time and limited impulse control. Symptoms also include sighing, impaired recognition of associated problems with the addictive behaviour, its consequences on relationships, and dysfunctional emotional responses.

What causes addiction?

Addiction is a complex, multi-faceted disease with potentially devastating consequences for individuals and the greater society. It can arise from biological, psychological, social or cultural influences – making it difficult to identify its root cause(s). Although intervention by an external party may be necessary in many cases, addiction must also be addressed as a growing issue of public health concern that requires action from all stakeholders.

Chronic condition

Addiction is no exception to the pattern of other chronic conditions, displaying patterns of relapse and remission. When not treated properly or engaged actively in recovery-based activities, addiction can have devastating effects on a person’s health as well as their social life; it may even be fatal in some cases.

Addiction stigma

Addiction is a complex and misunderstood mental health condition, yet it continues to be heavily stigmatised in society. This stigma can often cause guilt and shame which prevents individuals from seeking appropriate treatment or support – tragically making the situation worse. To change this attitude, we must start by better understanding what addiction really is – namely, not something simply of one’s own doing but instead driven by underlying factors that need to be addressed through professional help. Let us then break down these barriers so more people can access compassionate care for their struggles with addiction without fear of judgement or prejudice.

With a deep understanding of addiction and years of experience in treating it, we offer guidance to those courageously taking the first steps towards recovery. Our approach is respectful and without judgement; recognising that seeking help is an admirable sign of strength. Our team at Connection strives to create pathways for healing so our clients can achieve long-lasting success on their journey back to health.

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