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Our Method

For effective and long-lasting recovery, it’s essential to identify the root cause of addiction. More often than not, we see that users have relied on their addictive behaviours as a coping strategy for underlying issues – so tackling those afflicted by substance abuse requires an in-depth exploration into their core issues and struggles.

A fresh start to a healthier life

At Connection Mental Healthcare, we are dedicated to doing more than just treating the surface level issues. We take into account underlying and additional psychological, physical or social problems that may be present in order to achieve a more holistic solution.

Guided by our specialised team of professionals, you can develop healthy methods for dealing with these issues so they no longer affect your life.

Take the first step

The following underlying and additional problems in combination with an addiction can be successfully treated with specialist mental healthcare:

Behaviour modification

At Connection Mental Healthcare, behaviour modification is a critical component of our recovery treatments.

We understand that addiction can cause certain stimuli or experiences to be associated with unwanted reactions and behaviours. 

For a sustainable recovery it is vital to be able to change unhelpful behaviours. We are here to help you change any unhelpful behaviours.

Helping you achieve your goals

By engaging in an unlearning process and introducing new behavioural responses, we aim to help clients reach sustainable health goals – by replacing ingrained habits like anger and insecurity with more desirable actions.

At Connection, we recognise that each individual is unique and deserving of personalised care.

Find the support you need

Our goal is to ensure every client feels comfortable in a supportive environment as they access our range of mental health treatments designed with self-reliance in mind.

Hospitality and accessibility are at the forefront here; guided by knowledgeable professionals working together for positive outcomes.

Forms of treatment

Connection Mental Healthcare Addiction Care offers an inpatient clinical treatments, proven to be successful in breaking the cycle of addiction.

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