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12 step program

Connection is a highly-regarded mental health institution with an established history in addiction care. Connection provides patients expert treatments and services both within the Netherlands and at its clinic located in South Africa.

Am I addicted?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your behaviour or use of substances? It is possible that this could be indicative of an addiction. Each person experiences and manifests the severity in different ways, so it’s important to identify if treatment might help return balance into daily life.

What is addiction?

Addiction is an increasingly common primary, chronic psychiatric condition that affects the brain’s reward system and executive functions. It can manifest in a dependence on substances or behaviours accompanied by difficulty remaining sober for extended periods of time and limited impulse control. Symptoms also include sighing, impaired recognition of associated problems with the addictive behaviour, its consequences on relationships, and dysfunctional emotional responses.

What are drugs?

Throughout history, our society has been enamoured with drugs. From alcohol and tobacco to hashish and weed- illegal substances have become a part of human culture that we can’t ignore or overlook. uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website. These first-party and third-party cookies enable important functionality to operate, help us monitor and improve how the website works and for marketing purposes. By clicking 'Accept All' you accept all cookies from this website.