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Drug Addiction & Treatment

Drug addiction often has a significant impact on regular life activities and it’s incredibly hard for users to break the cycle without assistance.

Drugs can be an enjoyable escape, but they come with far-reaching risks ranging from permanent health damage, mental health problems, to addiction.

Breaking free from drug addiction

Drug addiction can catch anyone unaware; its onset often belies the serious health and lifestyle dangers it brings. But there is hope!

At Connection Mental Healthcare, we understand that drug dependency seldom occurs by choice and strive to provide effective solutions for those looking for a way out.

Our personalised approach gives addicts in distress access to professional guidance that enables them to take back control of their lives – enabling successful recovery from substance abuse as well as improved overall physical, psychological, mental and emotional wellbeing afterwards.

Professional help for drug addiction

Struggling with a destructive Drug addiction can be incredibly difficult, but help is available. If you’re having difficulty traversing the journey to recovery on your own, Connection Mental Healthcare stands ready to aid you in breaking this damaging cycle and providing comprehensive treatment for those desperate for lasting change.

Our team of experts have extensive experience treating substance abuse and dependency- make sure safety comes first – reach out today!

Do I have a drug addiction?

Drug addiction is an issue that should not be taken lightly. It involves a compulsive and often uncontrollable intake of drugs, leading to increasingly severe repercussions in one’s life.

If you or someone close to you feel there may be cause for concern, it’s important to assess how much the substance is being used, as well as its effects on daily living — this could help shed light on if any further intervention might be necessary.

Pursuing help for drug addiction is a brave first step in reclaiming your life. With our commitment to understanding and treating substance abuse, Connection Mental Healthcare provides support and treats you with dignity and respect on the journey towards recovery.

Frequently asked questions about drug addiction

Drug addiction is a serious problem that can contribute to physical and mental suffering. Here at Connection Mental Healthcare, we provide dedicated professionals for personalised treatment plans designed to help break the cycle of dependency on drugs in medically responsible ways. With our support, those affected by this troubling issue are able to take back their lives after successful rehabilitation from drug use.

Substance addiction takes its toll on both the mind and body, leading to severe psychological and physical repercussions. Those who use drugs can experience an indifference towards life, paranoia, loss of reality perception and overconfidence as a result. Additionally, it is not uncommon for those suffering from substance abuse issues to neglect themselves in addition to their family members or loved ones.

Drug dependency often leads individuals into insomnia disorders along with exhaustion-related complications while they are also prone to delusions at times – physically speaking such addictions could cause tribulations like cardiac malfunctions or pneumonia among many other ailments.

Struggling to determine if your substance use is cause for concern? The severity of addiction depends on the frequency and amount used, as well as any resultant consequences. If you find yourself relying heavily upon drugs without being able to stop independently or have experienced subsequent negative effects from their usage, it may be time to seek help.

Connection’s expert team can walk with you through this journey – call 021 541 0643 today!

Contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions about drug withdrawal or we can make an appointment for a short-term intake interview. Contact Connection Mental Healthcare by telephone during working days on 021 541 0643.

Connection Mental Healthcare is a private rehab. Our rates vary depending on the length of treatment and on what kind of accommodation you prefer.

We offer shared room accommodation, and private room accommodation depending on availability. The minimum length of treatment is 28 days; however, 42 days is advised. Please contact us for more information and we will make sure that we respond to you within 24 hours.

Addiction can be a complex and difficult journey, as it doesn’t just happen overnight. It is often the result of deeper personal issues or heredity that may have gone undiagnosed prior to developing an addiction.

At Connection Mental Healthcare we focus on understanding your reasons for dependency so our specialists are able to provide you with tailored treatment specifically designed for long-term success rates in overcoming drug use.

The following symptoms may indicate a drug addiction:

  • You will use it more and more often.
  • You notice that you think about drugs very often.
  • You lie about your use, to yourself and to others.
  • Work, study and relationships suffer from your drug use.
  • You get into trouble more often when it comes to drugs or money.
  • You suffer from eccentric mood swings.
  • Changes in appearance and eating habits.
  • You are overtired, have no energy and lack of interest.


Physical signals

  • Mumble or gibberish.
  • Clumsy slow motion movements.
  • Inflammation around the mouth and nose.
  • Barking cough.
  • Excessive drowsiness during the day.

Facing someone affected by addiction can be a stressful and lonely experience. However, it is possible to offer meaningful support with an open dialogue held at the right time. Avoid accusations in order to ensure that both parties are engaged and willing participants moving forward.

If reaching this point proves too difficult or emotionally taxing for those involved, do not hesitate to reach out to Connection Mental Healthcare on 021 541 0643 – we will be more than happy to help find solutions together!


If you register with Connection Mental Healthcare for help with a drug addiction, you have already taken the most important step. Because we understand drug addiction very well and have extensive experience in treating it, we operate with respect and non-judgment.

Recovering from a drug addiction is indeed possible through treatment in our clinic in South Africa.


Depending on the addiction problem, we focus on getting the use under control, the withdrawal and learning how to prevent a relapse. Our Dutch and South African specialists have a lot of experience with addiction and understand what you need like no other. During intake we map out your needs and degree of addiction. A tailor-made treatment plan is drawn up that you can use under the guidance of our professional staff.

Battling addiction isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team of professional experts is here for your support – we’ll guide you through the journey towards a new life without reliance on substances. Take control: contact us at 021 541 0643 and arrange an intake today!

Addiction may be hereditary, but environmental factors play a key role in influencing whether or not someone will become an addict.

It has been referred to as “family disease” due to the impacts it can have on more than just those addicted – their loved ones feel its effects too.

For more information about our family program that helps bridge this gap between addicts and their families please contact us by telephone at 021 541 0643 during working days for further details.

Our understanding of addiction is evolving, with recent studies showing that it involves the reward centre, memory and neocortex areas in our brain.

This makes addictive substances difficult to quit as they provide long-term changes – like fewer dopamine receptors – leading many experts to now classify drug addictions as a form of mental illness. uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website. These first-party and third-party cookies enable important functionality to operate, help us monitor and improve how the website works and for marketing purposes. By clicking 'Accept All' you accept all cookies from this website.