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Rehabilitation Aftercare

Ensuring a successful recovery can be best achieved with an effective aftercare process. Proper post-treatment follow up will create a more seamless transition back to daily life and reduce the risk of relapse.

We are there from the start

It is essential to begin planning for your post-treatment care while in the intake phase. During this initial conversation, we will identify what type of aftercare you need or wish.

During your treatment at Connection Mental Healtcare we will make sure, together with you, that you will have an aftercare plan that suits your needs.

Aftercare program

Connection is committed to providing the very best support with an extensive  network of partners in safe houses and counselling for addiction care, as well as mental health institutions. We are devoted to offering a comprehensive range of tailored solutions that address all your needs.

Get in touch today

We also provide guidance for attendance at AA/NA meetings if necessary with periodic group contact providing additional information, themes or skills training sessions based on the requirements identified during intake assessment.

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