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12 step program

Connection is a highly-regarded mental health institution with an established history in addiction care. Connection provides patients expert treatments and services both within the Netherlands and at its clinic located in South Africa.

In order to achieve maximum therapeutic effect, our program integrates medical practices along psychotherapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), community reinforcement approach ( CRA ), sports/meditation , psychoeducation, system therapy and spirituality . Our treatment framework utilises these methods alongside experiential expertise & relapse prevention strategies that help reintegrate clients back into society – all based on the iconic Minnesota Model originating from Hazelden Institute’s Alcoholics Anonymous12 Step Program over sixty years ago.

Since its foundation, the 12 Steps have been a cornerstone of recovery from addition . Initially centred around religion and spirituality, they’ve evolved over time to become secular while still based on personal acceptance, recognition of powerlessness over addictive behaviours and working towards making amends with oneself and those affected by one’s own actions. Here at Connection  we draw upon this model – adapted for each individual – together with an integrated team approach that includes specialists as well as experts who come from backgrounds where they’ve personally overcome such battles themselves.

Drawing from the best of both worlds, Connection offers a combination of behaviour and experiential approaches to recovery. The power of having professionals guide you in your journey is combined with the commitment that comes with self-help groups for an unparalleled approach towards health and wellness.

The 12 Steps

Struggling with addiction can be an immensely difficult experience to overcome. The 12-step program offers those affected a well-structured path towards recovery and self-empowerment, culminating in being able to use their newfound knowledge as a source of support for others going through the same ordeal. Originally designed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) this comprehensive approach is now applied across various different forms of addictions, providing hope on the journey from sickness back into health.

Step 1

Admit the problem. This is about admitting “defeat” and acknowledging that you’ve lost the battle with the addictive substance and can’t quit on your own.

Step 2

Willingness to accept help and give yourself a chance.

Step 3

Accept the help. Surrender to ‘the conscience’, the group conscience or ‘the higher power’ and learn to listen to this conscience to give your life direction again.

Step 4

Confidential opening up about your issues. In this step you take stock of your life. Honesty is paramount.

Step 5

Willingness to change yourself and admitting the mistakes you made as an addict. Confide in someone.

Step 6

Examine your unhelpful traits and weaknesses and learn how to deal with them in a positive way.

Step 7

Express that you are willing to work on your behaviour. You face your shortcomings and get to work with them.

Step 8

Looking back on the past: Who have you harmed through your addiction? You take responsibility for your actions.

Step 9

To clean up. You make amends to the people you hurt so you can start a new life.

Step 10

Self-examination remains a constant factor. You remain alert and no longer avoid yourself and your problems.

Step 11

Peace. Spiritual deepening also remains a permanent part of your daily life.

Step 12

You pass on what you have learned to fellow sufferers, so that other addicts can also find their way to recovery.

Looking to further your knowledge on the 12-step Minnesota Model? Connect with us today and discover how this approach could work for you.

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