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What are drugs?

Throughout history, our society has been enamoured with drugs. From alcohol and tobacco to hashish and weed- illegal substances have become a part of human culture that we can't ignore or overlook.

What do drugs do to you?

From the earliest days of mankind, drugs have been harnessed to serve medicinal purposes. While a few still do this, over time synthetic chemical variants were also developed – ones that alter neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in your central nervous system; allowing users to heighten their senses or consciousness temporarily while enjoying an improved emotional state. However, misuse has since caused some medicines meant for medical use being abused recreationally as well – having serious implications on health and society alike.

From invigorating substances like speed and cocaine, to relaxing ones such as alcohol or cannabis; from consciousness-expanding drugs like LSD to those that can provide multiple effects – it’s all too easy to become addicted. If you are struggling with addiction, our team of experts is here for you on your journey towards a better life free from dependency.

Drugs can make you dependent

Drug dependence can be a slippery slope towards addiction. With repeated use, your body develops an increased tolerance to the drug’s effects and you need more of it in order to experience that initial intoxication effect again. At Connection Mental Healthcare we understand how difficult recovering from a dependency may seem – but recovery is possible! If any questions or worries come up around this issue, our team is here for support; ready with answers and help every step of the way on your journey back towards wellness.

Addiction is not a conscious choice

At our clinic, we understand that addiction is not a conscious decision. In fact, many of the patients who come to us are unaware of how powerful and tenacious certain substances can be—like alcohol or cannabis as well as newer designer drugs available at parties that may appear harmless but often have devastating consequences. We want to emphasise: no one wants an addiction; everyone deserves help in reclaiming their life away from this debilitating condition. That’s why it’s so important for people struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) to openly share their experiences – so they can receive guidance on regaining control over themselves and their lives through support services such as ours.

Have you lost control of your usage?

Are you struggling to keep control of your alcohol consumption? It can be difficult and overwhelming when addiction takes hold, but help is available. At our intake we will discuss the best steps for treatment – from understanding what’s happened in order to reach this point and how it affects other people around you, all the way through exploring ways that true recovery is achievable. With courage and determination a new life awaits; let us show you how it can be done!

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