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Family Program

At Connection Mental Healthcare, we understand how hard it is to have a loved one with an addiction. Relationships can become strained, and family members often feel frustrated and powerless in the face of such difficult circumstances.

Helping families navigate addiction treatment & recovery

That’s why our Family Program exists – so that those affected by someone else’s addiction can receive help and advice on navigating this challenging issue.

We work closely with families to ensure they gain an understanding about addiction while also finding ways to cope effectively during the treatment period.

Family sessions

Through individual conversations with family members, we aim to make a difference in the lives of both our clients and their families.

Our team helps break destructive patterns while fostering healthier relationships; an essential component of successful rehabilitation. We value these family sessions which contribute towards more positive outcomes during this difficult time.

Contact during treatment

During treatment, we put a focus on involving the client’s close contacts to aid in recovery. At intake, those people are identified and asked for written feedback about how their loved one’s addiction has impacted them; this letter is discussed during therapy sessions as part of an encouraging process towards healing.

Additionally, we offer weekly phone contact between clients and family members – strengthening connections vital to long-term success.


At Connection, we take great measures to ensure the privacy of every patient. The law protects medical information from being shared with any persons outside our healthcare institution – even family members! Rest assured that your information is protected and kept secure at all times.

Any questions?

Do you need any clarification? Our team is always available to give helpful answers and explain anything that’s unclear.

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