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Treatments In Our Rehabilitation Centre

Intake prior to treatment

An intake interview is the essential first step to a successful treatment plan. During this confidential conversation, we’ll discuss your unique situation and any issues that are arising related to addiction.

Our professionals can answer questions such as ‘Am I an alcoholic or addict?’ or help identify potential triggers and pitfalls you may face in recovery.

We invite family members or other loved ones along for support if requested; no need for long waiting times – contact us today by phone or online to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

Clinical treatment

The intake will show which treatment suits you best. Admission takes place at our clinic in South Africa. You may need to go through a detox before starting treatment. This depends on the substance used and the severity of the addiction. This detox takes place under the supervision of expert medical guidance.

This is much safer than going cold turkey yourself. In our clinic you can count on a team of professional staff, including doctors, psychiatrists, several psychologists, nursing staff, recovery assistants and other experienced experts.

They are ready to guide and motivate you. Every day you get a little closer to your ultimate goal: a life without addiction.

Aftercare and family program

Our comprehensive aftercare and family program is essential for sustained freedom from addiction. Here at our Eindhoven facility, we offer support groups to help you through difficult times and provide guidance during your continuing journey.

Our special family evenings foster a supportive and understanding space where families can discuss their experiences with each other and connect with others who are there in solidarity.

Take the first step

Don’t let addiction stand in your way. Have the strength and courage to take that first step – because we know it can be hard!

We are here for you, providing support on your journey of recovery from an addiction. Don’t hesitate: together, let’s chart a course back to freedom! uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website. These first-party and third-party cookies enable important functionality to operate, help us monitor and improve how the website works and for marketing purposes. By clicking 'Accept All' you accept all cookies from this website.